What I am Afraid of With Trump

That he will start a nuclear war
That he and his minions will make abortion totally illegal
That he and congress will sell out all American natural resources
That he and congress will reverse all environmental protection regulations and pollution and dangerous industrial conditions will run rampant across the country.
That he and congress will dismantle all social safety net provisions
That he and congress will gut social security and Medicare, and bankrupt it forever.
That he and congress will dismantle the Postal Service, and privatize all mail and delivery packages.
That he and congress will dismantle NASA and all space exploration
That he will dismantle the US government, and will not relinquish power in 4 years, installing a perpetual tyranny that will not be answerable nor apparent to the people.
That he and congress will turn the US into a police state
That under Trump and Congress, that handicapped, minorities, and LGBT folks will be continuously victimized and not protected.
That Bullies will run rampant, and get away with victimizing the poor, women, pregnant women, minorities, LGBT folks
That people’s bank accounts will be drained, and most people left in poverty.
That Education institutions will be destroyed.
Infrastructure projects will be built to enrich his buddies, but not improve society or US civilization.
That incompetent people will be appointed to positions of responsibility, and when an emergency happens, they will not make decisions, or issue orders that make the situation worse, ala, New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
Healthcare will be destroyed for most Americans.
Immigrants will be victimized and not supported or enabled.
That worker’s ability to negotiate their conditions and salaries will be destroyed, leaving employers in position to turn most employees into virtual slaves.
That society will become stratified into the 1 percent and everybody else, with no ability to change.
That all resources will become owned by the one percent and no one else will be able to enjoy or use them.
That commercial regulations will be relaxed so much to endanger the public and the workers as the owners reap huge monetary benefits with no consequences for ecological degradation, or public endangerment.
That the US government will become insulated from the public, and their workings become secret and non-responsive and the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be ignored and the US democracy will come to an end.

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