DEMAND TRUTH from Al Gore’s excretion of a Movie!!

DEMAND TRUTH from Al Gore’s movie !

Practically every thing Al Gore says, presents or shows in his excretion of a movie is false, misleading, a rhetorical trick or an out-and-out lie.

Al claims that most of the diseases we see today – SARS, Ebola, resistant tuberculosis, etc, are all caused by human released CO2. He claims that several nations in the Pacific have had to evacuate to New Zealand because of catastrophically rising ocean levels. Both of those claims are so patently false it is (or should be) laughable nonsense.

Please review the Wikipedia article about “List of fallacies”, and then watch Al Gore’s movie!

Anyway, I am going line by line through “An Inconvenient Truth” and analyzing, it. Here is my analysis of the movie. I’m trying to show the movie events and quotes in regular type, and my responses in parentheses. If news snippets are called “factoids”, these items should mostly be called “falseoids”; some of them, however, are not false, so much as misleading, or strawmen, or faulty logic. I am going to call them “bogusoids.”

There are also a couple of other things to remember:

First, Al Gore is a partner in a company that is poised to be traders in carbon credits, and he stands to make billions of dollars if any such legislation goes through. You can’t trust anything he says about global warming or carbon dioxide.

Second, THE UNIVERSE IS ALWAYS IN FLUX. There has never been a perfect balance of nature, it has always been changing, modifying and adjusting. Humans are now a major force, I do not deny. Global warming is indeed happening, I agree. And a good thing, too, or Chicago would still be under a mile of ice. The question is: “Will the changes be bad or good? and what will be the cost of adjusting to the changes?”

An Inconvenient Truth

Image from Apollo.
We are filling up that thin shell of Atmosphere with pollution.
(This is scare mongering. Only several parts per million.)( Yes, there is pollution. Myriad kinds, not just carbon dioxide. )
Scenes of campaigning.
I’ve failed to get the message across.
Scenes of melting. ( Doesn’t he like spring? Does he WANT perpetual winter?) (crops FAIL when the weather is cold) ( The scene is of SPRING MELTING, not global warming melting)
Forest fires. ( Were there no forest fires before 1970?)
Hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina. ( There is NO EVIDENCE THAT CO2 CAUSED HURRICANE KATRINA. None. There were massive hurricanes before 1970., most of them before this century.)

“Moral imperative to make big changes in inescapable.”
(unsubstantiated opinion)

Another reference to Apollo. Which led to the modern environmental movement.
Galileo picture. Time lapse photos.
3 thousand cloud free views.
He had two teachers. His classmate asked: “ Did they ever fit together?”
Continents are now known to move.
“ What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know, but what we know that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain
( No evidence it was ever said or written by Mark Twain. Or Will Rogers, for that matter.)
The most vulnerable part of the ecosystem is the atmosphere. (False, it is actually a pretty robust system.)
We as humans are capable of changing the world.

I’m not going to spend much time in the basic science of global warming. You know it well. (Obviously not. It doesn’t work the way he says it does. OK, that is a simplification. It is much more complex, and involves Solar Wind, the distance of the Earth from the Sun, Galactic Cosmic rays, the rotation of the Earth and millions of details he doesn’t mention. Mostly because he wants to imply that the sole and only cause of Global Warming is excess human-released Carbon Dioxide. Which isn’t true.)
It keeps the atmosphere in boundaries that are constant and livable.
(just like it did during the ice ages?)
It is being thickened by all the global warming pollution.
(Arguing from original assumptions. This is not proved, has not been proved. A correlation is not proof of cause.)
As it “thickens” this level of the atmosphere, more of this heat is trapped and so it heats up.
(Such a simplified description that it is false)
Presentation of the cartoon – Global Warming – None like it hot. Illustrates that Greenhouse gases trap Sun beams and their leftover rotting corpses are heating our atmosphere.
(Can you say “straw man?”)
( The real life bullies I see are global warming mongers such as Al Gore, not the other way around.)
The cartoon child asks: How do we get rid of greenhouse gases?
The cartoon adult responds: With ice cubes.
(Rhetorical ploy: ridiculing the opposition)

Roger Revel – measuring CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere. He “intuited” what it meant, for years to come. Middle of Pacific. Hard data.
Al Gore coming of age. Intellectual ferment.
He drew connections of patterns. Then projected into the future.
(Any prediction MUST be tested against the real events. )
Once each year it goes up and down. Most vegetation is north of the Equator. The entire Earth breathes in and out. You can see the pattern.
The graph goes up and down and continually rises.
(you can extrapolate any danger to exaggerate the ill consequences. If you let one pair of mice reproduce, in 10 years, their offspring will equal the entire mass of the Earth!)
Pictures of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Makes the assumption that higher CO2 levels are melting the glaciers on Kilimanjaro.
His friend Lonnie Thompson. Within the decade, no more snows of Kilimanjaro. It’s happening all over. Columbia glacier retreats every year. Here is what visitors are seeing now.
Scenes of glaciers falling into the ocean.
(Would he rather see them advancing? As they did in the early 1400s, and many farms in Europe had to be abandoned? And most of the inhabitants of Greenland died of starvation? And it was totally abandoned?)
Himalayas meltwater provides water for 40% of the world’s population.
( If the glaciers aren’t melting, but growing, doesn’t that mean they are NOT providing MELTwater for the population in that area? ) ( Is he claiming that if the glaciers melt away, then there will be no more SNOWFALL in that area to provide water? But doesn’t he claim later, that increasing global warming will increase the number of storms? There is some confused logic in his argument here. What will be the true causes of trauma in the region? What will be the true effects? If the glaciers disappear, the region will still get water from storms. Think it through, and don’t let his faulty logic cloud the issues. He can’t have it both ways unless you let him get away with it.)

Throughout the Alps, Argentina, Peru, Pategonia.
(He has set up his fait accompli – increasing CO2 is The Single cause of Global Warming, and here are examples of global warming. The causal relationship is NOT proved. If human caused CO2 is the single cause of Global Warming, why did the glaciers start to melt 18,000 years ago? The continental ice sheets melted, and did, indeed cause oceans to rise. But, um, they aren’t there anymore. They’ve melted. And the ice sheets over Greenland and Antarctica are mostly getting thicker, not thinner. )
75 years ago, this vast expanse of ice in Patagonia is now gone.
( I don’t recall any huge ocean rise in the past 75 years. Isn’t that what he claims the danger is from huge ice fields melting? )

Ice core drilling. Traps little bubbles of atmosphere. They can figure out a precise temperature. They can count back year by year, just as foresters can count tree rings. This is the year the US passed the clean air act.

(making fun of skeptics again.)
Medieval Warming Period.
Thousands of years of temperatures, and thousands of years of CO2 fit together.
( Correlation is NOT CAUSE. Warm oceans release CO2, and Cold Oceans absorb CO2.
Over a similar time period, you can create any number of similar upward trending curves (almost anything having to do with human activities, actually, since during the same time period, human population has increased from one billion, to almost seven billion. A chart of swimming pool ownership would show a similar curve. The amount of pavement installed worldwide. )

7 ice ages over 650,000 years.
CO2 level never gone above 300 ppm.
Can see they fit together. There is one relationship far more powerful than any other. When there is more carbon dioxide, the temperature gets warmer.”
( If you look – the temperature rises FIRST, and the relationship is really : “ When the temperature gets warmer, there is more carbon dioxide…”
If you are looking at this on a tv or computer monitor, stop the video, get out a ruler and see for yourself.)
Because it traps more heat from the sun.
( He has made this assumption, but the chart does not bear this out. )

There is not a single fact or date that is used to make this chart that is in any controversy.”
(Not true! He is merely stating his conviction, once again, to intimidate argument.)
Modern cities like Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit. This is the difference between a nice day and a mile of ice.”
(Absolutely true. Does this mean he wants to go back to having a mile of ice?)
Carbon dioxide is now way above any where it has ever been. See how far above the “natural cycle” it is. And in the next 50 years it is going to continue to go up.”
(But doesn’t that imply that this is a linear function? Doesn’t he claim later that scientists tell us it ISN’T a linear function? IT IS A PREDICTION! And predictions are notorious, for not coming true.) ( He can not claim his prediction will absolutely turn out to be true.)
(What about reaching Peak Oil? And in less than 50 years fossil fuels will be so expensive, most people will not be able to use them. Thus solving the increased carbon dioxide problem)
“The So-called skeptics say: So?
(So? Yes, that is what I say. Practically every chart having to do with any human activity has a similar shape, because our population has grown in such a shape. His carbon dioxide growth chart is a PREDICTION. He is acting as if it is current fact. It is not. If a couple of mice are allowed to reproduce, and their offspring reproduce, then a graph charting their population in ten years would show that they would equal the mass of the Earth. I think that is a much more serious danger that we should be addressing.)
What would that much on the warm side be?
(He doesn’t explain. Only again implies a causal relationship of CO2 rise with Global warming, which is a correlation, but not causal. ) (Excess carbon dioxide means plants grow better. )
He changes it to a MORAL argument.
( i.e. if you don’t believe the way I do, you are a bad person. But shouldn’t morality be based on truth, and provable assertions, not assumptions, misleading statements, bad logic, intimidation and fraudulent rhetoric? )(Changing it to a MORAL argument takes it out of the realm of logical argument, so proof, logic, and causality no longer apply. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t understand moral arguments, only causality and proof. If we get it wrong, by disregarding proof and causality, it will be corrected by nature)
If we allow that to happen, it is deeply unethical.
(This, from a man who is a partner in a carbon credit trading company, who stands to make billions of dollars from cap-and-trade carbon limiting legislation. A man who is using bad logic, intimidation, and fraudulent rhetoric to put forward his arguments? Being lectured on ethics from him? Excuse me while I barf.) (Please, those of you who understand rhetorical gimmickry, and logical fallacies, will you please work through this documentary and point them out for yourselves? )
I had such faith in our democratic system of self government. I though and believed that the story would be compelling enough to cause a sea change in the way congress reacted to that issue.
…victories that aren’t really victories…
…defeats that aren’t really defeats…
( is this, like, newspeak?)
April 3, 1989. Gore’s son hit by a car.
Possibly going to lose him.
We stayed in hospital for a month.
(appeal to sympathy…)(What does this have to do with convincing me to agree to spend trillions of dollars to attempt to correct a situation that I don’t agree causes any trouble?)
“How should I spend my time on this Earth? To learn about it more deeply. Travelled around the world to understand. The possibility of losing that most precious to me. I gained ability I didn’t have before. I felt we could really lose it. (Yes, we can, by doing the wrong things..)
That what we take for granted might not be here for our children.”
( Oh, yes, this is all for the Children..(People of River City, we’ve got trouble!)
Images of primeval, nonpolluted, non-inhabited lakes and rivers, Garden of Eden perfection. (Interestingly, with no people. Al Gore’s images of a perfect Earth don’t include any of the 6.6 billion people inhabiting the planet? Interesting. Very interesting…)
(Shifts argument to Global Warming, without mentioning ANY of the other causes of temperature change.. it is only and solely the rise in CO2 that causes global warming, as far as Al Gore is concerned. )
These are the temperatures since the Civil War.
The ten hottest years on record have happened in the last 14 years…
The hottest of all was 2005.
Scientists are saying they are going to be a lot more common.
(prediction treated as current fact.)
Heat wave in Europe killed 35,000 people in 2003.
( He uses temporary temperature fluctuations as evidence of his proposition, but when skeptics point to record cold, snowfall, increase in ice thickness, he discounts them as temporary anomalies, and “outliers”.)
The temperature increases are taking place in oceans, this is the range expected.
( Using Computer Models, as examples of scientific Truth. They are fallible MODELS. The model is not the truth. Look at computer models of predicted hurricane paths. They range all over the map and no one knows where a hurricane will go until after it goes there. These are the same kind of computer models. )
When the oceans get warmer, that causes stronger storms.
(But I thought he was afraid that there wouldn’t be snow in the Himalayas to provide more water for 40% of the world’s population. Which is it? More storms and more water? Or fewer storms and less water?)
In the last couple of years, there have been a lot of big hurricanes, and a lot of tornadoes.
(It’s a trend! Again, using fleeting temporary weather events to argue that increased CO2 is the cause (which hasn’t been established, he has merely assumed that, without examining any alternatives) ( There is also the effect that increased population, and increased news gathering has magnified the effects of any storms, and increased the number of storms reported. If no one lived in an area before 1700, and there was a tornado – it wasn’t reported to anyone, and it didn’t damage anyone. A hurricane that dumps floods on a sparsely populated coast doesn’t do much damage to human buildings. A similar sized hurricane today will do much more damage, because there are many more humans living along ocean coasts.)

2005 hurricanes are one for the books.
Hurricane Katrina went over warmer water. Animation of Katrina. Consequences were horrendous. Video of Katrina Aftermath.
(He is assuming that CO2 is the only cause of Katrina’s hardships?)
Something new in America. How in God’s name could that happen here in America?
(Is he contending that excess human released CO2 caused the city, county, state and federal government to break down in the aftermath of Katrina?.
Is he contending that hurricanes are new?
Hurricanes have been happening FOREVER. They are not new.
New Orleans is between one and two feet BELOW sea level.
When a hurricane hits a city that is below sea level, it gets flooded. This is not news. This is not new. This is not surprising.
Unless Al Gore is surprised by this….
The flooding was compounded by the breakdown of government response to the flooding.
You can see evidence of government corruption when you see lots of money going into a government, but not a lot of competent government happening. Ever since I was little, it has been popularly joked that New Orleans was a city where the people not only expected their officials to be corrupt, but demanded it. On the day that 10,000 citizens were once again without food, water or sanitation in the superdome, a Louisiana state senator used a national guard helicopter to fly him to his home and retrieve tens of thousands of dollars in cold cash from his freezer. During the rebuilding effort, after an architect gave a presentation of a proposal to rebuild several government buildings, the city councilman who was present said: “that was fine, but what is in it for me?” Expecting a bribe or kickback.
Katrina didn’t cause the city, parish, state, and federal government to fail to deal with the disaster, corruption did. And until that situation is fixed, New Orleans’ biggest problem isn’t that it sits several feet below sea level. Or is Al Gore contending that excess CO2 in the atmosphere caused the governments to fail? The government response has nothing to do with global warming, or excess or not of CO2.)
Warnings that hurricanes will get stronger.
How will we react when we hear warnings from the scientists?
(Leaping in an unreasonable analogy, from the warnings of weather forecasters that a hurricane is on the way in a couple of days, overlooking that computer models can’t accurately predict the course a storm will take, to an assumed warning from these same respected scientists of an increase in CO2 being the main cause of global warming. Once again using faulty logic, with a fraudulent rhetorical tactic. You CAN NOT logically make that equivalency. The analogy breaks down. )
Winston Churchill remarking on a previous storm:
“We are entering a period of consequences.”
( Equating that storm and those particular circumstances with the current situation and Al Gore’s feeling that we need to do something about CO2. )
“Making mistakes in centuries past could be overcome. We don’t have that luxury anymore.”
( I TOTALLY AGREE! Which means we shouldn’t base our decisions or actions on faulty logic, incomplete science, rhetorical ploys, intimidation and ridicule. Which is why it is so important to get it right. Listen to all the arguments, and think it through for yourself. )

Al Gore loses the election. Accepted the finality of the outcome.
That was a hard blow. Make the best of it. It brought into clear focus the mission I had been pursuing all these years. I started giving the slide show again.
One effect of global warming is it causes more precipitation, but more of it coming at one time in big storm events. Insurance industry shows more major flood events.
( um, increased population means that a similar event causes more human related damage…)
All kinds of natural disasters. Mumbai, India had 1,000 people drown.
(maybe there are just more people in places they weren’t living before?)
By far the most rainfall that any city in India has ever received.
(In the modern record. Does he not believe in Noah’s flood?)
Global warming causes more floods, and more drought.
Tragedies unfolding in Africa, Darfur and Niger are among those tragedies.
(The last I heard, there was enough food and water, but the political instability (wars, insurgencies, genocide, corruption, etc, were creating the disasters and preventing the people from getting the food, or harvesting, or planting, or husbanding their crops. Is he claiming that excess CO2 is causing political instability? And not greed, corruption and racial hatred?)
Lake Chad dried up over the past few decades.
(Um, Lake Chad of 7,000 years ago was the world’s largest lake, and has been gradually drying up since. As far as we know, it has never achieved a steady state “when it was full.” The statement “when it was full” assumes that its level in 1963 is the level at which it is meant to be, no matter what. And that is just not true. Also, one of the major reasons it has been drying up since 1963 is that the rivers that flow into it have been increasingly dammed and diverted for irrigation, which has nothing at all whatsoever to do with increased CO2, or global warming.
The Colorado river doesn’t reach the ocean anymore either, but that is because it is diverted for irrigation before it gets there, not because of any increase in CO2, or global warming.)

Global warming evaporates more water out of oceans and soils. That has consequences in the US.
This is the Carthage exit. Learning it on the land from your dad. That’s special.
8 months in Washington DC, 4 months on the farm. I had a dog. I had a pony. I could shoot my rifle. I could go swimming in the river. Go lay down in the grass.
(nostalgia for the “good old days” when farmers had to work from before sunup to after sundown?)
(again, images of idyllic nature with no people. And empty river. Empty fields. Al Gore’s image of an ideal Earth doesn’t include people….)
People have lived this way since the last ice age….
(Native American Indians might disagree with that statement a little…)
Patterns are now changing.
(Let’s just face it – Al Gore just doesn’t like change.)

Two Canaries in a coal mine.
Arctic. Ward Hunt ice shelf.
Drunken trees. Permafrost causes
Building built on permafrost collapsed as permafrost thaws.
(WAIT A MINUTE! He’s blaming CO2 for FROST HEAVE? WHAT? Has he no shame? Frost heave has been around forever.)
The pipeline has suffered damage.
(Please take a deep breath and get some perspective. The Universe changes. We live on a geologically active planet. When we build a road, it changes the environment around the road. When we build a house, it changes the environment around the house. Sometimes, the Earth moves, without humans moving it. Get a grip.)

How many days the Tundra was hard enough to drive on.
225 days 35 years ago. And now less than 75 days.
(35 years ago, not as many people were trying to drive on tundra..)

The spring comes earlier and the fall comes later and it keeps getting warmer.
(So, you’d rather see the area totally frozen snowbound 225 days each year? )
1957 submarines started patrolling under the Arctic ice, measured how thick it is. 3 ½ feet or less in order to surface..
1970 amount and thickness drop off. Will be completely gone.
Why is that a problem? With ice, 90 percent of sunlight is reflected, like a giant mirror. Open ocean, more than 90 percent absorbed.
Faster build up.
Animation of a polar bear swimming to a piece of ice, that breaks up.
Polar Bears have actually drowned because there isn’t enough ice.
(ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! Polar bears can swim hundreds of miles. The polar bears that drowned, did so because of a storm. Most of the populations of polar bears that are being tracked are stable or INCREASING. )
Planetary consequences.
( Which is why we need to get it right, and not use false information, faulty logic, rhetorical trickery, jumping to conclusions, appeals to authorities, straw man arguments and the rest of the bogus arguments this movie is filled with..)
The circulation of the ocean currents.
A large engine for redistributing heat by wind currents and ocean currents. It is a non-linear system. Not gradual, sometimes big jumps.
(Umm. Then why should we expect his extrapolation of temperature rise earlier in the film to extend in a line as he implied? It can take big jumps in either direction, just as hurricanes do…)
The average world temperature is 58 degrees Fahrenheit. If we have an increase of 5 degrees, which is on the low end of the predicted rise, it isn’t even, it may be one degree rise at the equator, but 12 degrees at the pole.
( or it may be 12 degrees at the equator, and 1 degree at the pole,…. Or it may be one degree cooler at the equator, and 12 degrees cooler at the poles…It hasn’t happened yet, and for the past 10 years, the temperatures have been fluctuating, but staying somewhat around the same.)

All these wind and ocean current patterns which have formed since the last ice age and have been relatively stable, they are all up in the air, and they change.
One they are most worried about and have spent a lot of time studying the problem is in the North Atlantic where the gulf stream meets the cold wind coming off the arctic over Greenland and it evaporates the heat from the gulf stream and is carried over Europe.
Ocean conveyor. Red are warm surface currents. The blue are cold currents that run in opposite direction. They run along the bottom of the ocean. Cold, dense, heavy water sinks at the rate of 5 billion gallons per second.
After the last ice age, a huge lake formed in North America. An ice dam broke and diluted the stream and the heat transfer stopped and Europe went into another ice age for a thousand years. It went into that change in maybe 10 years. Is there any other big chunk of ice near there?
(Again with the unspoken implication, in this case, that Greenland might melt and cause Europe to go into an ice age for a thousand years. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Ok, Greenland might melt. True. That is in the future, and Greenland has had tropical climate before in Earth’s history. Won’t be the first time. BUT, it won’t melt and cause Europe to go into an ice age for a thousand years. For one thing, Al Gore used a map trick, to portray Greenland as far bigger relatively than it is. Our normal flat maps distort the image of Greenland (The areas near the poles are stretched out flat, remember?) and the ice sheet on Greenland is less than one fifth the size of the ice sheet that covered North America.
Second, the giant freshwater lake was dammed up across a huge section of central North America, and when the ice dam broke, it emptied out into the Atlantic within a matter of a couple of weeks. The topography of Greenland is such, that such a situation won’t happen. Ok, so there will be small versions of that happening. In fact, one such glacial lake on Greenland did that very thing a couple of years ago. The last time I checked, Europe is not having an ice age. )
It is extremely frustrating to me to try to communicate as clearly as I can, and we are still by far the worst contributors to the problem.
(We are still by far the world’s biggest and most active economy. I think there *might* be a correlation…) (oh, and the US is also the world’s THIRD MOST POPULOUS NATION. After China, and India. Check it out. )
I look around for meaningful signs that we are going to change and I don’t see it right now.
Scenes of:
Ronald Reagan – Oxides of Nitrogen from decaying vegetation. Haze that gave Great Smokey Mountains their name…
(What’s wrong with the truth? )
G. Bush Senior – “Up to our neck in owls and out of work for every American..”
Inhofe: “Greatest hoax ever perpetrated on American people.”
If an issue is not on the lips of their constituents tongues, its easy for them to ignore it. “Say, well, we will do that tomorrow.”
(So, you don’t like the American political process? This is what I hear you saying…) ( You would rather this gets decided in backroom deals made with unfounded threats and without adequately looking at the evidence?)
The same phenomena of all these changes is also affecting the seasons. Study from the Netherlands. The Peak arrival date for migratory birds was April 25. Chicks hatched on June 3rd. when caterpillars were coming out. 20 years later, caterpillars peaked 2 weeks earlier, chicks tried to catch up but they couldn’t.
(You don’t say, but does that mean they all died? Or just that they seem to be sick? If they COULDN’T CATCH UP, then they all must have died, and so the birds I see out my window must be a figment of my imagination. If they haven’t all died, then they must have been able to catch up, and the situation is not as dire as you imply. Another rhetorical trick.)
And they are in trouble
There are millions of ecological niches that are affected by global warming in just this way.
(causing the inhabitants of these niches to use hyperbole and faulty logic?)
(Face it, Al Gore just doesn’t like CHANGE.)
Frost days in Switzerland, a number of invasive species. New ecological niches that are opening up.

Happening in the U.S. pine beetle used to be killed by winter, but there are fewer days of frost and trees are being killed by bark beetle.
Cities that were founded because they were above the mosquito line.
(FALSE. Nairobi, Harare? Please. A laughable fairy tale spread to a gullible foreigner.)
30 so called new diseases appeared in the last quarter century. SARS.
(He’s blaming SARS on increased CO2? SARS is the result of increased CO2? That is SO RIDICULOUS! Isn’t it because of overcrowding, and breeding ducks, pigs and humans in cramped, unsanitary conditions? )
E. Coli, Lyme disease. Legionaires disease. Vibrio Cholerae. Nip Malaria. Dengue Fever. Lepto Spirosis. West Nile Virus. Ebola. Arena Virus. Hanta Virus. Multi Drug Resistant Turberculosis. Avian Flu. Re-emergence of diseases that were once under control.
He’s blaming the re-emergence of many diseases on increased CO2? Not the adaptive abilities of disease vectors to evolve? (Oh, right, he doesn’t believe in evolution, either…) He doesn’t say anything about humans becoming more plentiful in areas that incubate diseases that were once remote. He doesn’t mention that at the cellular level of many of these viruses, DNA gets swapped around with wild abandon, contributing to amazingly rapid ability to evolve into different and more virulent forms. He doesn’t talk about the over use of antibiotics, that help cull milder forms of the diseases, and cause the more virulent forms to evolve. He doesn’t talk about increased human population and increasingly easy world travel and commerce, those bugs, birds, disease germs can be carried around the world within hours, rather than the months and years it took in previous centuries.
No, he blames it ALL on increased CO2) ( Just offhand, I think he may be leaving out a few of the more important factors in his analysis..)
These are troubling times.
(When an ex vice president is so muddled in his thinking…)
Reefs around the world are bleaching and they end up like this and all the fish species are in jeopardy as well.
(Um. The greatest danger to fish species around the world is overfishing by humans, and the destruction of their habitat by humans. CO2 and global warming are very, very minor factors. )
Species loss is now occurring 1000 times greater than the natural background rate.
(As if there were something as the “natural background rate.” The Universe is in FLUX. It is NOT stable. Especially since the human population has gone from 1 billion to some 6 billions in the past couple of hundred years. He is blaming species loss on increased carbon dioxide. Not overhunting or overfishing. Not destruction of wilderness to turn it into farmland or clear cut logging, not release of acids and metallic leachate from mining operations. He blames it all totally on excess carbon dioxide.)( It strikes me as being a teensy tinsy bit simplistic…)

The second canary in the coal mine. Antarctica. The largest mass of ice on the planet by far.
1978. If you see the breakup of ice shelves along the peninsula, then watch out because that should be an alarm bell for global warming.
All the green are ice shelves large than Rhode Island that have broken off in the last 15 to 20 years. Focus on one of them, Larsen B.
They thought it would be stable for 100 years.
The scientists who study these ice shelves were absolutely astonished, when they were looking at these images. In a period of 35 days this ice shelf completely disappeared.
They couldn’t figure out how they’d gone wrong.
(So, now they are right, and know exactly what is going on? Don’t kid yourself..)
The citizens of all these pacific nations have all had to evacuate to New Zealand.
(That’s what he said. I stopped the video and listened to it twice…He is claiming that entire nations in the Pacific Ocean have had to evacuate to New Zealand. I have never, ever, ever heard of such a thing. Ever.)
( Absolutely NOT! No evidence, no reports, no, never happened. EVER. Total fabrication on Mr. Gore’s part.)
(Oh, Tuvalu, worried that it “might be” inundated at some point in the future, is working on a deal. Hasn’t happened yet. No evidence of massive ocean rise. Ocean may have risen a couple of inches in the last century. The islands may have sunk a couple of inches. Evidence that in the past the ocean was much higher, or possibly, the islands were much lower, hard to tell.) (The Earth is a geologically active planet…)
Focus on West Antarctica. Ice shelf. It’s supported on islands. If this were to go, sea level world wide would go up 20 feet.
(ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY FALSE! Ok, the ice shelf is supported by islands. If it melts, the oceans would rise. Maybe 5 inches. Maybe 10. Inches, not feet. Less than a high tide. No reason to panic. Been there before.)
They’ve measured disturbing changes on the underside of this sheet.
(Only if you are easily or already disturbed, which, evidently…)
Greenland would also raise sea levels almost 20 feet.
(As mentioned earlier, inches, not feet. 2 feet would be more than a 200 percent exaggeration, 20 feet is more than 2,000 percent exaggeration.)

A friend of mine brought back pictures of what is going on in Greenland right now. These are the same kinds of pools that formed in Antarctica. They thought it would refreeze, but what actually happened is that it keeps on going. It tunnels to the bottom, and makes the ice like swiss cheese.
Massive freshwater tunneling down to the bottom. Always has been, but not like now.
(You can never step in the same river twice…The good old days, never really were…)
(Um, what about the end of the last ice age? Didn’t a lot of ice melt then? That was a good thing, wasn’t it?)
Melting from 2005.
Because of what is happening in Greenland right now, the maps of the World will have to be redrawn.
(Geez, I’m sorry about that. The universe changed and your map didn’t keep up?) (It must be awful…)
If half of Greenland melts, and half of Antarctica broke up and melted, this is what would happen to the sea level in Florida. San Francisco Bay. The Netherlands. Absolutely devastating. The area around Beijing, home to tens of millions of people. 40 million people around Shanghai. Calcutta and Bangladesh. ( Ocean rise would be inches – not feet, essentially not visible on the scale of these animations.)
(Wait! Weren’t all these cities built above the mosquito line to avoid malaria? Or is that the wrong fairy tale?)
(You can extrapolate ANY danger to make it seem more dangerous. I’m reminded of Professor Harold Hill, extrapolating the dangers of a pool table to the parents of River City, first, sips from the medicine, then full blown alcoholism; first pool, then smoking, then the throes of animal instinct – massteria! We’ve got trouble! Right here in River City! That starts with “T” and that rhymes with “C” and that stands for “CO2”!)
Think of the impact of a couple hundred thousand refugees when they are displaced by an environmental event ( not to mention war and genocide in Darfur and the Congo and Palestine. Oh, wait, he didn’t mention it, because its not an environmental problem, and can’t be traced back to CO2.)

A lot of people live in those areas. Imagine 100 million or more.
Calcutta and Bangladesh – 60 million people.
Here’s Manhattan. WTC memorial site. After the horrible events of 9/11, we said never again. This is what would happen to Manhattan. They can measure this precisely.
(As if this is already a fact, not just speculation based on faulty premises. Oh, we got trouble, right here in River City!)
Even as they could predict the water level in New Orleans. The area where the World Trade Center is to be located would be underwater.
(Just tugs at your heartstrings, doesn’t it, that all those disasters are caused by human released CO2…)

1.3 billion people, massive energy needs. Coal belt in Northern China. Inner Mongolia. Also the biggest coal mine. Every time I’ve visited China I’ve learned. Numbers of new coal fired power plants. The numbers are so enormous because it is so profitable. The issue is really the same for China and the US. We are both using old technology. That are dirty and polluting.
“The number of stronger storms is going up..” (absolutely false)
And global warming is implicated in the pattern.
Separating the truth from the fiction and the accurate connections from the misunderstandings is part of what you learn here…
(Well, maybe what some people learn, but I don’t think you have quite managed it yet…)
But when the warnings are accurate and based on sound science, then we as human beings, no matter what country we live in, have to find a way to make sure the warnings are heard and responded to.
(But, I’m saying, the warnings are NOT accurate, and they ARE NOT based on sound science. They do need to be judged correctly, I’ll grant you that. But I disagree that you are doing so.)
We both have a hard time shaking loose from the familiar patterns we have relied upon in the past. We both face completely unacceptable consequences.
(That shady investors might take all our money through government imposed ridiculous schemes.)
We are witnessing a collision between our civilization and the Earth and there are three factors that are causing the collision.
(We are witnessing a scared chicken running around yelling: “The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling!”)

The first is population.
When my generation – the baby boomer generation was born after World War II, the population had just crossed the 2 billion mark. Now I’m in my 50s, and it’s already gone to almost 6 ½ billion, and if I reach my demographic, it will grow to almost 9 billion. So if it takes 10,000 generations to reach 2 billion, and then in one human lifetime, ours, it goes from 2 billion to 9 billion, something profoundly different is going on right now.
(Aw, geez, the miracle of human life…)(And we already know that Al Gore’s ideal Earth doesn’t include people…)
We are putting pressure on the Earth.
(Typical Al Gore muddled thinking. We are not putting pressure on the Earth. The Earth doesn’t feel a thing. It is a planet. Doesn’t make any difference to it, if mankind lives or dies. Or indeed, if all or any life lives or dies. It would be just as happy with an atmosphere of sulphuric acid. Or none at all. Earth is a planet.
It does make a difference to us, as humans, what shape the systems that we rely upon for our sustenance are in. In many cases, we have used them up, and abused them, and in many ways they no longer work the way they used to. On the other hand, many people throughout the world are eating better than people have ever been fed, working less, and having more recreational opportunities, and opportunities in general. Our cars are better, our planes are better and safer. We have an active space program, and we are using energy and resources better and in more ways than ever before. I think Al Gore is looking around, and instead of seeing the richness and abundance that we have, is seeing the glass half full, and, like a paranoid miser, unable to appreciate the goodness in life, afraid an imaginary boogeyman in the future may take it all away.)

We are putting pressure on the Earth. Most of it is in the poorer nations on the Earth.
This puts pressure on food demand.
This puts pressure on water demand.
It puts pressure is why we have seen all the devastation of the forests, not only tropical, but elsewhere.
It is a political issue.
This is the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. One set of policies here, another set of policies here. Much of it comes from cutting, but also burning.
(Umm. Haiti has a totally corrupt and oppressive government. I’m confused. Is Al Gore claiming that the corruption in Haiti’s government is caused by excessive CO2 in the atmosphere? I’m not sure of the point here. What does this have to do with CO2?) (So cap-and-trade legislation in the United States is going to fix the corruption in the Haitian government? I’m really not sure of the relationship here.)(Yes, corruption in government tends to be really bad for the environment, yes we know this.)(It’s not very healthy for the citizenry either, for that matter.)
30 percent of all carbon dioxide that goes up each year comes from forests burning.

Time lapse picture of Earth at night over 6 month period. White are city lights. Red are fires. Yellow are gas flares like these in Siberia.
Second factor that has transformed our relationship to the Earth. The scientific and technological revolution is a great blessing in that it has given us great benefits in areas like medicine and communications but this new power that we have also brings the responsibility to think about its consequences. Here’s a formula to think about:
Old habits and old technology = predictable consequences.
(Which is certainly why most farmers these days still use one bottom plows and a mule, to farm their fields. What is your point? )
Old habits that are hard to change Plus New Technology = Dramatically Altered Consequences.
Warfare with spears and bows and arrows and rifles, that’s one thing.
But then a new technology came – nuclear.
We have to think differently about war because the new technologies so completely transform the consequences of that old habit that we.
( which is why we haven’t had so much as a glorified police action in ever so many years..)( Oh, wait..)
In some way we have exploited the Earth for our sustenance. For most of our existence, we used relatively simple tools: the plow, the tractor.
(Umm. NO. The plow was invented only a couple thousand years ago, the tractor only in the last century.)
(oh, right, he doesn’t believe in evolution. Maybe that is why he doesn’t like change..)

Our ability to have an effect on the Earth is utterly transformed. You can say the same thing about irrigation, which is a great thing, but when we divert rivers without considering the consequences, some rivers no longer reach the sea.
These were two rivers in central Asia that were used by the former Soviet Union for irrigating cotton fields. Unwisely, the Aral Sea, which used to be the 4th largest inland sea in the world. Strange sight of an enormous fishing fleet resting in the sand.
Making mistakes in our dealings with nature can have bigger consequences now, because our technologies are now bigger than the human scale. When you put them all together we have become a force of nature. And this is also a political issue.

This is a map of the world which has been distorted to show the relative contributions to global warming.
(Ah, there he goes again, equating Carbon Dioxide output, as the entire single and sole cause of global warming. As previously discussed, the two are NOT EQUIVALENT. He only wants us to THINK they are equivalent. )
In our country (that would be the United States, third most populous country in the world, and responsible for almost half of the world’s economic output. ) ( Is he expecting we would do this with LESS carbon dioxide output than most people?) we are responsible for more than all of South America, all of Africa, all of the middle East, all of Asia, all combined.
(Well, if you exclude China, which really doesn’t count, and India, of course, neither of which are really part of Asia…)
If you take population into account, China is playing a bigger role
(Um, even if you don’t take population into account, China is producing more carbon dioxide, but, then, you still are arguing that CO2 is the entire, sole and only cause of global warming, which it ain’t.)

So is Europe, but we are, by all odds, the biggest contributor.
So it is up to us to change our way of thinking.
Our way of thinking is the third and final factor that transforms our relationship to the Earth.
If a frog jumps into a pot of boiling water, it jumps right out again because it senses the danger.
(This is a fraud, and an example of the fallacious method of Al Gore’s whole way of thinking. He heard this example used by someone else, and was convinced of it, and thought it was an effective illustration. He NEVER THOUGHT IT THROUGH FOR HIMSELF, NOR DID HE TRY IT TO SEE IF IT WORKED THE WAY THEY SAID.
If a frog really jumps into a pot of boiling water,(or is dropped into one) it DIES.)

But the very same frog, if it jumps into a pot of lukewarm water that is slowly brought to a boil will just sit there. Until it is rescued. Its important to rescue the frog.
(As mentioned, a really shoddy analogy.)

Our collective nervous system is like that frog’s nervous system. Sometimes it takes a jolt to be aware of the danger. If it seems gradual we are in danger of not responding and not reacting.

I don’t remember a time when I was a kid when summer time didn’t mean working with tobacco. I used to love it. It was during that period when working with the guys on the farm seemed like fun to me. Starting in 1964 with Surgeon General’s report and the evidence was laid out about the connection between cigarettes and lung cancer, we kept growing tobacco.
Nancy was 2 years older than I, and was my protector. She started smoking and never stopped. She died of lung cancer. That’s one of the ways you don’t want to die. The idea that we had been part of that economic pattern that produced the cigarettes that produced the cancer was so painful on so many levels. My father – he’d grown tobacco all his life. He stopped. Whatever explanation had seemed to make sense in the past didn’t cut it anymore. He stopped.
It’s just human nature to take time to connect the dots. I know that. But I also know that there can be a day of reckoning when you wish that you had connected the dots more quickly.

(Oh, I get it! He’s saying our lack of being willing to accept Carbon Dioxide as the cause of Global Warming, and all the disasters that Global Warming has caused, is just like his father’s inability to accept that smoking causes cancer until his sister died of lung cancer that was caused by smoking.
Well, that would be a good analogy, except that there isn’t any proof that Carbon Dioxide CAUSES Global Warming (there is a correlation, but temperatures RISE before carbon dioxide increases, and NOT PROOF that it is a CAUSE) and NO EVIDENCE that Global Warming has caused any of the DISASTERS he has predicted. ) (Quick, give me one example of a disaster that Global Warming has ALREADY caused.)

There are 3 misconceptions in particular that bedevil our thinking.
First: Isn’t there a disagreement among scientists about whether the problem is real or not?
Actually, not really.
There was a massive study done on every peer reviewed article written on global warming in the past 10 years. They took a big sample – 10% 928 articles. (The background says “climate change.”, not global warming, the two are not synonymous)
The number disagreed with the scientific consensus that we are causing global warming and that it is a serious problem. Out of the 928 articles, 0 disagreed.
(background slide says: greenhouse gas pollution has caused most of the warming of the last 50 years. I have two disagreements with that statement. One, is that the peer reviewed articles may very well have discovered ways that humans are changing the environment. It is very obvious that whenever we build a house or a road or a factory or drive a car, that we indeed change the environment, in many ways, and, as human population has increased geometrically in the past couple of centuries, we are doing much more of it. But there is only a CORRELATION between carbon dioxide, and global warming, there is no way it can be shown to be THE single cause.
Second, global warming is PREDICTED to be a serious problem. None of the problems that have been PREDICTED have happened. No massive ocean rise. No massive pandemics. No massive migrations of millions of humans unable to live on their land. None. Zip. Nada. Only minor fluctuations in weather, and political instability. Of which, we have had with us always.)

The misconception that there is disagreement about the science has been deliberately created by a relatively small group of people. One of their internal memos leaked, and here is what it said according to the press:
“One of their objectives was to reposition global warming as theory rather than fact.”

(One of Al Gore’s objectives is to set up straw men. I agree that global warming is happening. I don’t agree that human released Carbon Dioxide is the sole cause – or even a major cause. And I seriously don’t agree that stopping human released CO2 will stop Global Warming. I also don’t agree that global warming is a bad thing. )
This has happened before.
Background: ad saying more doctors smoke Camels..
After the surgeon General’s report came out.
One of their memos leaked then, too:
“Doubt is our product. Since it is the best means of creating controversy in the public’s mind.”
(Now he is equating his opposition with tobacco conspirators, which is a straw man. We are not tobacco conspirators – that was a totally different issue. Please keep your issues straight. Carbon dioxide did not kill your sister. Global warming did not kill your sister.)
Have they succeeded?
Articles in popular press, more than half in “doubt as to cause.”
That means they said: “Well, we are not sure – could be a problem , may not be a problem.”
(Whether it is a “Cause” or whether it is a “Problem” are TWO DIFFERENT ISSUES.)
But people are confused.
(Because of the faulty logic, incorrect analogies, intimidation and rhetorical tricks you use in your arguments, and the fact that THERE IS NOT CONSENSUS that confuses people. If the argument is over, WHY ARE YOU STILL ARGUING?)

Scene: Bush Aide edits reports.
(OK, That is probably Bush administration crap. Don’t tar me with Bush administration stuff)
Staged phone call: What did you find out – Who is he working for?
Oil and gas lobby – totally fair. He was defending the Exxon Valdez thing. (Ah, yes, another straw man set up to imply that people who oppose Carbon Dioxide Global Warming are so evil, they condoned the Exxon Valdez oil spill.)

Scientists have an obligation to respect and present the truth as they see it.
Al Gore in senate hearings in 1988. “Why do you directly contradict yourself? Dr. James Hansen-
That last paragraph was not a paragraph which I wrote . That was added to my testimony.” “If they force you to change your testimony it is a form of science fraud by them. In the Soviet Union, ordering scientists to change their studies to conform…”
“I’ve seen scientists who were persecuted (scene: NASA tried to silence him..) ridiculed, deprived of jobs, income, simply because they facts they discovered led them to an inconvenient truth –
(Yah – that street flows both ways lately – there have been scientists who have had their results questioned, publicly ridiculed and lost their jobs because they have tried to publish results that contradict the Carbon Dioxide causes Global Warming theory.)
That they insisted on telling.

Philip Cooney – he worked for the American Petroleum Institute and in January 2001, he was put by the President in charge of environmental policy.
He received a memo from the EPA warning about global warming. He took it upon himself to edit it. He has no scientific training whatsoever. But he took it upon himself to overrule the scientists. I said I wanted to see what this guy’s handwriting looks like. These are his actual pen strokes.
( He wrote: “straying from research strategy into speculative findings/musings here.” Is that not an appropriate critique of the passage from the EPA? If they are presenting speculations as scientific fact, should that not be noted?)
A few days after he resigned, he went to work for Exxon-Mobil.
(So, you want him to live a miserable life after he made a mistake? Are you really that vengeful and hateful?)
Upton Sinclair wrote more than 100 years ago: It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.
(Like not understanding how global climate really works.)

The second misconception:
Do we have to choose between the economy and the environment?
Previous Bush administration to go to the Earth Summit. They put together a presentation and had a viewgraph. They have a scales that balances two different things on one side we have gold bars. I’d like to have some of those. On the other – the entire planet. I think this is a false choice for two reasons.
One – if we don’t have a planet —
The other reason is that if we do the right thing, then we are going to create a lot of wealth and create a lot of jobs, because doing the right thing moves us forward.
(In this I agree with him – but we need to be sure we are DOING THE RIGHT THING. The converse is also true. Doing the WRONG thing is destructive, costs jobs, and causes people to waste time, money and effort in futile pursuits.)

I’ve probably given this slide show a thousand times. Nashville to Knoxville to Sundance to Los Angeles, Stanford, San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Boston, Newhaven, London, Brussels, Stockholm, Helsinki, Vienna, Munich, Italy and Spain, China, South Korea.
I guess the thing I’ve spent more time on is trying to identify all those things that exist in people’s minds that serve as obstacles to them understanding this.
(Like, the truth, and stuff like PROOF..)
And whenever I feel I’ve identified an obstacle, I try to take it apart, roll it away, move it, demolish it. Blow it up.
(Ridicule it, intimidate it, sidestep it with a straw man or faulty analogy)

I set myself a goal to communicate this real clearly.
The only way that I know how to do it is city by city, person by person, family by family.
I have faith that pretty soon enough minds will be changed that crosses a threshold.
Let me give you an example of the wrong way to balance the economy and the environment. One way involves automobiles.
Japan has mileage standards up here. Europe plans to pass Japan. Here is Australia and Canada.
Here is where we are. Now there is a reason for it. They say we can’t protect the environment too much without threatening the economy, and threatening the automakers, because automakers in China might come in and just steal all our markets. Well, here is where China’s auto mileage standards are now. We can’t sell our autos in China today, because we don’t meet the Chinese environmental standards. California has taken an initiative to have higher mileage cars sold in California. Now the Auto companies have sued California to prevent this law from taking effect. Because, as they point out Eleven years this would mean that California would have to have cars for sale that are as efficient eleven years from now as China’s are today. Clearly, too onerous a provision to comply with. And is this helping our companies to succeed? Well, actually, if you look at the companies that are doing well in the world, it is the companies that are building more efficient cars. And our companies are in deep trouble.

The final misconception: If we accept that this problem is real, maybe it is just too big to do anything about. And there are a lot of people that go straight from denial to despair without pausing on the intermediate step of actually doing something about it. And that’s what I’d like to finish with – the fact that we already know everything we need to know to effectively address this problem. We’ve got to do a lot of things, not just one.
If we use more efficient electrical appliances, we can save this much off the global warming that would otherwise be put into the atmosphere. If we use other end use efficiency, if we use higher mileage cars and all these begin to add up.
Other transport efficiency, renewable technology carbon capture and sequestration. And pretty soon we are below our 1970 emissions.
We have everything we need, save perhaps political will. But in America, political will is a renewable resource.
We have the ability to do this.
Each one of us is a cause of global warming, but each of us can make decisions to change that.
(Umm, Al Gore’s mansion typically uses between 12 and 20 times the amount of energy most normal American homes use. I can see he really believes and practices the shit he is shoveling. And until somebody made an issue of it, he drove a Lexus. WE can really make a difference. Yes, indeed.)
With the things we buy, the electricity we use, the cars we drive, we can make choices to bring our individual carbon emissions to zero.
(ummm. Sorry, no can do. I gotta breathe and humans produce .5 kg CO2 per day just by breathing. )
We just have to have the will to do so. Are we going to be left behind as the rest of the world moves forward?
(That assumes it is a forward move, and not a misguided waste of effort)
All of these nations have ratified Kyoto.
(Just because your neighbor is stupid, doesn’t mean you should be also.)(everyone else is doing it – is an appeal to the masses, a typical rhetorical ploy – the masses may be entirely misguided. Let’s go buy some credit swaps.)
Only two advanced nations in the world that have not ratified Kyoto and we are one of them. The other is Australia. (Many countries have reneged on Kyoto, and others have exempted their power, coal, and industry sectors.)

Luckily several states are taking the initiative. (emotionally loaded wording. If, as I believe, this is massive effort in a misguided direction, then the effort is unlucky.)
9 northeastern states have banded together. California, Pennsylvania is exercising leadership on Solar Power and wind power, and US cities are stepping up to the plate, one after the other, we have seen all these cities pledge to take on global warming. So, what about the rest of us?
So ultimately this question comes down to this:” are we, as Americans capable of doing great things? Even though they are difficult?”
(even if they are stupid?)
Are we capable of rising above ourselves and above history?
(and beyond reason and intelligence?)
The record indicates we do have that capacity. We formed a nation, we fought a revolution, and brought something new to this Earth. A free nation, guaranteeing individual liberty
(um, Cap-and-Trade legislation is a state mandate that will restrict all liberty…)
America made a moral decision that slavery was wrong and we could not be half free and half slave.
(too bad we can’t legislate against being half-wit)( What does that have to do with a misguided effort to equate carbon dioxide emissions with the cause of global warming?)
We as Americans decided that, of course, women should have the right to vote. We defeated totalitarianism and fought a war in the Pacific and the Atlantic simultaneously. We desegregated our schools and cured diseases like Polio.
(And invented the Internet..)

We landed on the Moon. The very example of what is possible when we are at our best. We worked together in a completely bipartisan way to bring down communism.
(Um. I think Pope John Paul, and Boris Yeltsin had a lot to do with that last bit..)
We have even solved a global environmental crisis before. The hole in the stratospheric ozone layer. This was said to be an impossible problem to solve because it’s a global environmental challenge requiring cooperation from every nation in the world, but we took it on, and the United States took the lead in phasing out the chemicals that caused the problem.
(Isn’t the ozone hole still there?)
So now we have to use our political process in our democracy and then decide to act together to solve those problems but we have to have a different perspective on this one.
(ok, you’ve just gone through a litany of great things we have done before and since we’ve done those , we can do this one, too, but now, you are arguing that we need to do it differently, that it requires a government mandate, and giving up some of those freedoms and democracy that you so poignantly said were the reasons we were so able to do the aforementioned great things…)
Its different from any problem we have ever faced before.
(Is it? Really? You just said we have already solved a global environmental crisis before..)

You remember that home movie of the Earth spinning in space? One of those space craft, when it got 4 billion miles out in space, Carl Sagan said : “Let’s take another picture of the Earth.”

You see that pale blue dot? – that’s us. Everything that’s ever happened in human history has happened on that pixel.
(Other than the space program, and communications satellites, and, um the spacecraft that took the picture)

All the triumphs, all the tragedies, all the wars, all the famines, all the major advances. It’s our only home. And that is what is at stake – our ability to live on planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization.
I believe this is a moral issue.
( I believe this is a truth and proof issue..and an issue that Al Gore wants to pick my wallet)
It is your time to seize this issue – it is our time to rise again to secure our future!
(And Al Gore’s fortune!)

There is nothing that unusual with what I am doing with this. What is unusual is that I had the privilege to be shown it as a young man.
It is almost as if a window was opened through which the future was very clearly visible: See that? See that?
(Otherwise known as hallucinations..)
That is the future in which you are going to live your life
Scene: Flying over glaciers, mountains, rivers. Future generations may well have occasion to ask themselves: What were our parents thinking? Why didn’t they wake up? When they had a chance?
We have to hear that question from them now. Are you ready to change the way you live?
(Al – are you? Obviously NOT! Your house uses between 12 and 20 times the amount of energy the US national average uses. And I don’t notice him driving a GEO Metro to get the high mileage, and he seems to take a lot of jet flights around the world.)
The climate crisis can be solved.
(Walk out your front door and notice that global warming has not caused massive famines – political corruption and warfare has; notice that the number of storms has not increased – the number of people living where storms disrupt things has increased; global disease has not killed off half of the world’s population, such as occurred during the black death in the middle ages, and people are living longer, better lives, not shorter, meaner, colder ones.)(unless that is what you mean by a crisis.)

Here’s how to start:
You can reduce your carbon emissions.
(Just like Al Gore)
In fact you can reduce your carbon emissions to zero.

Buy energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs change your thermostat and use clock thermostats.
(my room has a portable gas heater, and a room airconditioner)

Weatherize your house. Recycle. Buy a hybrid car. Use light rail. Tell your parents not to ruin the world you live in. If you are a parent, join with your children to save the world they live in.
Switch to renewable sources of energy. (Just like Al Gore..)
Vote for leaders who pledge to solve this crisis. Write to Congress. If they don’t listen, run for congress.
Plant trees – lots of trees.
(Marshland – a truly necessary part of the environment – is being filled in, in order to plant trees for carbon credits. Bad environmental process on both counts.)
Speak up in your community.
Call radio shows and write to newspapers.
Insist that America freeze CO2 emissions. Join international efforts to stop Global Warming. (There he goes again equating CO2 emissions and Global Warming. I’m in Houston and the temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. I wish Global warming would get here soon…)
Reduce our dependence on Foreign oil.. (Another totally wrong headed bass ackward movement, but that’s another rant.)
(In 80 years it isn’t going to matter, because we will be totally running out of oil, coal and natural gas anyway..)
Raise fuel economy standards.
Require lower emissions from automobiles.
If you believe in prayer, pray that people will find the strength to change (Yes God, please solve the problem, but solve it the way I want it to be solved…)
In the words of the old African proverb:
“When you pray, move your feet..”
( Didn’t Jahaziel say: “Stand still, and see the salvation of God?”)
Encourage everyone you know to see this movie
(and critique the fraudulent statements, the incorrect science, the intimidation, the rhetorical tricks and the lies…)
Learn as much as you can about the climate crisis.
(Um, It’s not a crisis. It’s not caused by CO2. We can’t stop it other than by committing mass suicide? And Al Gore isn’t willing to change his lifestyle to follow the advice he’s been peddling?)
Then put your knowledge into action.
In the year that has passed.
Temperature increases have continued to set records.
(And also temperature DECREASES)
The new evidence:
The connection between global warming and hurricanes: Several brand new studies that link stronger hurricanes with higher ocean temperatures..
(Yes, warm ocean water causes hurricanes.. Yes, we have had hurricanes. No, there haven’t been more stronger ones recently..)
Hottest 12 month period in US history.
(Really? Proof?)
Heat wave in 2003 killed 35,000 people in Europe.
(There are more people living in modern closed in rooms..)
Main cause of dying reefs has been global warming
Increase 70 million tons of CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere every day.
(Look around you. Is it really a crisis? Or is somebody crying “The Sky is Falling!”)

1 comment to DEMAND TRUTH from Al Gore’s excretion of a Movie!!

  • Look around you. Look oudiste at the city skyline. Polution fills the skies almost everywhere you go. Now tell me that this pollution has no effect on our atmosphere. It is ludacris to think that. Polution is only getting worse with more and more fossil fuels being burned everyday. Global Warming is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed soon.Now i haven’t even seen Al Gore’s movie but i consider myself fairly educated on this problem. Every year the population of polar bears drops dramatically. This is only one effect of Global Warming. Every day the water levels rise the smallest bit because of the ice caps melting away. If you saw a glacier 5 or 10 years ago i encourage you to go back to it and see it now. If it still even exists it will be dramatically smaller. Global Warming may be unstoppable but we have to try to stop it since we are who caused it.

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