White Christian Female voting for Trump? Why?

There is a blog going around that purports to be from white Christian female who will vote for Trump. She supports her decision with arguments about the issues she cares about. Voltaire once said that: Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Let us examine the absurdities she believes that will lead her to commit the atrocity of voting for Trump. My responses are surrounded by double square brackets.

kelly quelette
Why I’m Voting For Donald Trump
October 11, 2016kellyquelette
I am a white female. A victim of sexual abuse. A Republican. A Christian.
And I am voting for Donald Trump. And I want to tell you why.
First, I want to address the video that was released. What he said years ago was terrible. A man should never feel like he has the power to manipulate or take advantage of a woman against her will. Men should not view women as inferior or as objects. The rape culture in our country is not ok. What he said was NOT OK. There is NO way to justify it. Does he continue to treat women this way? I hope not, but it’s definitely possible. Do I want someone like that as my President? I mean, not really. But if we are talking about rape culture – Hillary Clinton has done MUCH more to contribute to that than Donald Trump. As an attorney, she has reduced the jail time of rapists. She has helped cover up the abuses done by her husband while he was President. Actions like this have MUCH more of a ripple affect than the derogatory comments and actions of Donald Trump.
[[It was 30 years ago, and the accepted practice was to, in Tammy Wynette’s words: “Stand by Your Man.”
And Trump’s actions are having an immediate and profound effect on the behavior of school children around the country, with reports of bullying, and assaults surfacing almost daily.]]
And it’s sad that we even have to compare the two – because NEITHER is acceptable. But we as Americans have allowed our country to get to this point, and it’s because we stopped paying attention. And we have allowed ourselves to become a product of our media and others in power. Again, not excusing what he did/said AT ALL.

We are WAY beyond voting for a President based on their character. None of the candidates have shining character – especially not Trump & especially not Hillary.
[[ So Character doesn’t matter? I thought it did for Republicans. Guess not. And why “especially Hillary?” Is there some misogyny operating there that I’m not aware of? What quality of Hillary’s makes her actions especially heinous compared to Trump’s?]]

But when November 8 gets here – one of them is going to be elected President. If you stay home and don’t vote – one of them will be elected President. If you vote for one of the other candidates – Trump or Hillary will still be elected President. If you write in your own nominee – Trump or Hillary will still be elected President. You can talk about how much you hate it all you want, but this is REALITY.

Another reality that I want to address is the fact that the media has done a great job of distracting us from the real issues when it comes to the election. Are racism and sexism HUGE issues in our country? YES. But how are those things resolved? Movements of people coming together. Different races and religions taking time to understand each other. Men learning how to stand up for their sisters and daughters and wives. And guess what? No matter WHO is in office, we can start doing that NOW. The government is not the answer to these issues. These have been issues in our country since day 1, and the MEDIA is much more responsible than the government.

That being said, these are what I believe are the real issues (in terms of the ELECTION).

National Security – Hillary wants open borders. Are you kidding me?
[[No. the danger of open borders and inviting immigrants in is vastly overstated. More Americans have been killed by cows in the last 10 years than have been killed by terrorists.]]
In our lifetime, we have been attacked by terrorists FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. Multiple times.
[[70 percent of the terrorist attacks in the United States in the past decade have been by American citizens.]]
Do I think building a wall on the Mexico border is a little dramatic? Yes. Do I want all the Mexicans out of our country? NO. America is a great place. I understand that tons of people want to live here, and I hope that we can continue to provide that opportunity for people legally. My heart breaks for the refugee crisis in Syria. It truly does. But I don’t think it’s unfair to screen who we allow into our country.
[[We DO screen extensively. The myth that we do not screen immigrants is a fraud put out by the GOP because it makes good copy]].
Especially when they are coming from a part of the world that is home to radical terrorist groups. Ones that openly hate our country. I am not voting for the President of Mexico or the President of Syria or the President of a non-profit organization – I am voting for the President of AMERICA. Donald Trump wants to protect AMERICANS
[[No, he wants to protect rich white men. He is a sexual predator, and has no compunction to protect women]]
– no matter what race you are. No matter what gender.

[[This is demonstrably false.]]

On the other hand, Hillary, wants to allow anyone and everyone into our country, regardless of the danger she could be putting her own people in.
[[You haven’t been listening to Hillary. You are parroting right wing talk radio. There is no evidence of this. Hillary supports our extensive screening process.]]
It is not that I don’t want to help people. If you know me, you know my heart breaks for people around the world who live in far worse situations that I will ever have to face. I have been to these places. I have seen it with my own eyes. BUT if we compromise who we are as a nation, and continue to weaken our borders, we will not be able to help anymore.
[[This is openly simply xenophobia – the fear of strangers. By welcoming and protecting refugees, we will strengthen our country, not weaken it.]]
We will not have a safe place to welcome refugees. We will not have opportunities for better lives for immigrants. By protecting AMERICA – we are actually moving more quickly in a direction to keep the world a safer place too. This also includes gun laws. I do think that the screening process should be more intense when you go to buy a gun.
[[Good for you! Try getting that through Congress.]] But taking guns out of the hands of Americans leaves us completely helpless.
[[Again with the right wing fear-mongering that Hillary or Obama are going to TAKE PEOPLE’S GUNS AWAY.” This has not ever been, nor been talked about, a position by either President Obama or Hillary. Trump talked about taking people’s guns away.]]

People who use guns for the wrong reasons are CRIMINALS. They do not care about laws. They only thing that will change if you take away our guns is that criminals will continue to buy them illegally and more of us will probably die, because we won’t be able to defend ourselves.
[[There you go, talking about the myth that Hillary wants to take our guns away, again. There is no evidence of that, except in the fevered imaginations of right wing gun-nuts, and GOP operatives who want to provoke emotions.]]

Economic Stability – Donald Trump is a businessman, not a politician. He did not pay taxes under legal provisions. He did not pay people who did not do good work. If he becomes President, America will be his business. He will conduct trades and make deals that benefit US.
[[He owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the Russian Mob and Chinese banks. What makes you think he will make deals that benefit Americans? How many bankruptcies and repossessions are you willing to uphold as evidence that he is a solid businessman?]]
As he should. Because when you are the President – AMERICA is your job.
[[There has been NO evidence that Trump will consider that his job as President. He has said he will restrict and monitor Muslims, and has denigrated Mexicans and blacks and women. That indicates he has no interest in protecting them]].
Not the rest of the world. Hillary has made lots of promises that sound great, but they all require MORE TAXES. And yes, a lot of them are on the wealthy, which sounds fair…but guess what? MOST of those wealthy people have gotten to where they are because they worked hard and used smart business practices. And also, those wealthy people are usually successful business people who EMPLOY other people.
[[It looks like most of the people he employs are Chinese and Mexicans – in China and Mexico, NOT in the United States. Then, he has imported alien workers, and stiffed them when the job was done. He is not helping anyone.]]
So by penalizing them, you are not helping anyone. You are taking more money out of the hands of American people and putting more money in the hands of the government.
SUPREME COURT – this is probably the biggest reason I am voting for Donald Trump. Whoever the next President is will likely nominate FIVE Supreme Court judges. FIVE. Even if you hate Donald Trump & everything about him – if you generally identify with conservative policies, then this is CRUCIAL. Whoever is put in those positions will affect the future of our country even more than whoever serves the next four years as President. It’s possible that America would NEVER recover from a 7-2 Democratic majority. We NEED to keep Republicans in the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution.
[[You are assuming that a liberal Court will be a disaster from which the United States will never recover. You are also assuming that a liberal court will not uphold the Constitution. That is, in fact, false. If you are that concerned with upholding the Constitution, then why are you so upset about abortion? In what way will it be a disaster? You have made an implication for which there is no basis in fact or history.]]
Pro-Life – this is plain and simple. The amount of abortions in our country is horrifying. Hillary believes that even minutes before delivery, a baby does not have constitutional rights.
[[Again, you are parroting right wing shock radio. Hillary believes no such thing. It is absurd because it is not true.]]
That is absolutely absurd. Babies are born as early as 22 weeks and survive. If you are passionate about any other social issue in America, this should be important to you. Hillary can talk about other social issues all she wants, but her views on abortion show how little she values human life.
[[What about the life of the mother, which you obviously care so little about?]]
[[You have redefined what is a human life to suit your own mythology.
You believe it is immoral because it murders humans and potential humans. You say you are a Christian, but there is nothing in the bible to justify thinking that fetuses are humans or potential humans. God created Adam out of the dust of the ground – so in God’s eyes, every particle of dust is a potential human. In the Jewish law portions of the Bible, there is reason to think that they did not consider a baby a human until a month after it was born. They gave no value to it, if it was killed. There is even a passage which demands a woman drink a potentially fatal concoction made of the dust of the temple, and if the baby died, it was a sign that it was conceived in sin. Which creates a biblical justification for chemically induced abortion.

The aversion to abortion voiced by conservative Christians and Catholics is promoted mostly by men who are aroused by thinking and talking about wombs, and lady parts. The difference between God creating man from the dust, and calling unborn fetuses humans, is that one is created by sex, and lady parts. Priests, ministers and preachers that obsess about abortion are aroused by thinking about other’s lady parts. This is what drives the anti-abortion movement. It allows them to think and talk about sex and lady parts in public, and gives free reign to their obsession.
Once the baby is born, there is no comparable movement to support or protect the baby – because a baby removed from its mother is no longer connected to lady parts, and does not cause a sexual arousal in the thinker.]]

There are obviously more issues than these 4. But these are the 4 issues that, in my opinion, will most drastically affect the future of our country. We HAVE to step back and look at the bigger picture. I refuse to be distracted by the social issues that the media continues to put in the forefront of the coverage of this election.

I URGE you to please look at the bigger picture. And above all else to vote. DO NOT STAY HOME. Face the reality of the 2 futures in front of us. Because honestly, voting for someone besides Trump or Hillary is as good as not voting at all. Not to mention, that if someone was spending millions to dig up dirt on them, I’m sure they would have skeletons in their closets too.

P.S. Another reason I am voting for Trump is because of who is running with. Mike Pence is a man of character, faith and integrity. And if this is the first person Trump has “hired,” I have a lot of hope for who else might surround him as he serves his term in the White House.

[[Mike Pence is a political hack, who has ruined the state of Indiana. He signed a bill that had the immediate effect of losing Indiana tens of millions of dollars and the support of the business community while trying to discriminate against gays, and has supported some of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country, which have been blocked by the Supreme Court. He is as misguided about faith and integrity as Kelly is.]]

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