Jupiter causes Sunspots?

The Sunspot cycle follows a roughly 11 year schedule, with variations of a year more, or less.
Jupiter follows a 12 year orbit, with a perihelion (point in orbit nearest the Sun) every 12 years. Jupiter has a mass of two and a half times all the other planets in the Solar System combined, but the four inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) are closer.
What if the gravity of Jupiter, modified by the gravity of the inner planets, caused some imbalance in the interior of the Sun, and promoted Sunspots?
When all of the inner planets are on the same side of the Sun as Jupiter when it approaches perihelion, the effect is magnified, and when they are on the opposite side of the Sun when Jupiter approaches perihelion, could they moderate the effect? And if they are ahead of Jupiter as it approaches, could they make the Sunspots occur earlier? and if they are behind as Jupiter approaches perihelion, could they delay the effect?
Just wondering.

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