Michigan is an astrobleme

If you could see the underlying bedrock map of the Earth, there would be circular blotches that are the remnants of buried astroblemes – the scars caused by meteor or asteroid hits that puckered the surrounding bedrock. Looking at the bedrock map of Michigan, it is obviously a perfectly circular bullseye roughly 400 miles across. […]

Jupiter causes Sunspots?

The Sunspot cycle follows a roughly 11 year schedule, with variations of a year more, or less. Jupiter follows a 12 year orbit, with a perihelion (point in orbit nearest the Sun) every 12 years. Jupiter has a mass of two and a half times all the other planets in the Solar System combined, but […]

Kick Start Moon Development

Ownership of Property on the Moon Our current situation virtually prohibits anyone owning any property on the Moon, practically ensuring that no one will invest any resources into developing any of the resources or energy available on the Moon. Countries have, and possibly will continue to devote huge sums in exploring the Moon, but there […]