What I am Afraid of With Trump

That he will start a nuclear war That he and his minions will make abortion totally illegal That he and congress will sell out all American natural resources That he and congress will reverse all environmental protection regulations and pollution and dangerous industrial conditions will run rampant across the country. That he and congress will […]

Peace in the Middle East

OK. So, Peace in the Middle East. Peace is not a truce between two armed camps, but when I can trust my neighbor to protect my backyard, and my grandkids when I am not there, and vice versa. We have to get Israel and Palestine to that shared narrative. Currently, Israel has the whole diaspora […]

Capitalism in NOT inherently evil. And don’t drink the Kool-aid.

Guy in a facebook thread made the statement that: “Capitalism is inherently evil.” They didn’t cover that in econ classes I’ve had. What do you guys think? To analyze this, First I would think we should determine where the resources and energy come from, and where it flows to, and what motivates the movement, and […]

London Times reports that UN IPCC admits it was wrong!

UN admits it was wrong to say that global warming has caused recent catastrophes.

Disaster in Haiti

The recent earthquake in Haiti highlights several things about the climate warming debate that I have issues with. The earthquake is a bona fide disaster, with tens of thousands of people dead. Global warming is a predicted disaster, with a nebulous “many millions at risk, sometime in the future. But I haven’t figured out at […]

I hate it when my government helps terrorists

As mentioned in the previous post, The Christian Science Monitor has linked the upsurge in lone wolf terrorist acts to the more strident racism going on in the United States lately. They discuss that terrorist groups are using more “Lone Wolf” terrorism, and “Leaderless Resistance” activities, and describe how such activities developed within the terrorist […]

Personal attacks on Obama from the right wing

While driving from Texas to Michigan recently, I have been able to listen to some of the talk radio and I have been shocked and discouraged to hear all the irrational invective from the right- wing talk show hosts against the Obama administration. As far as I can tell, the Obama administration has been blindsided […]