Economics 101

Econ 101 usually doesn’t start at the beginning. It starts with math and charts and human behavior, but leaves out the most important part. FIRST. WITHOUT INDUSTRY, COMMUNITIES DIE. Throughout the world there are ghost towns, indeed, ghost civilizations, that withered and died when the industry dried up, or the natural resource was exhausted, and […]

Michigan is an astrobleme

If you could see the underlying bedrock map of the Earth, there would be circular blotches that are the remnants of buried astroblemes – the scars caused by meteor or asteroid hits that puckered the surrounding bedrock. Looking at the bedrock map of Michigan, it is obviously a perfectly circular bullseye roughly 400 miles across. […]

Jupiter causes Sunspots?

The Sunspot cycle follows a roughly 11 year schedule, with variations of a year more, or less. Jupiter follows a 12 year orbit, with a perihelion (point in orbit nearest the Sun) every 12 years. Jupiter has a mass of two and a half times all the other planets in the Solar System combined, but […]

London Times reports that UN IPCC admits it was wrong!

UN admits it was wrong to say that global warming has caused recent catastrophes.

Disaster in Haiti

The recent earthquake in Haiti highlights several things about the climate warming debate that I have issues with. The earthquake is a bona fide disaster, with tens of thousands of people dead. Global warming is a predicted disaster, with a nebulous “many millions at risk, sometime in the future. But I haven’t figured out at […]

DEMAND TRUTH from Al Gore’s excretion of a Movie!!

DEMAND TRUTH from Al Gore’s movie ! Practically every thing Al Gore says, presents or shows in his excretion of a movie is false, misleading, a rhetorical trick or an out-and-out lie. Al claims that most of the diseases we see today – SARS, Ebola, resistant tuberculosis, etc, are all caused by human released CO2. […]