What I am Afraid of With Trump

That he will start a nuclear war That he and his minions will make abortion totally illegal That he and congress will sell out all American natural resources That he and congress will reverse all environmental protection regulations and pollution and dangerous industrial conditions will run rampant across the country. That he and congress will […]

Economics 101

Econ 101 usually doesn’t start at the beginning. It starts with math and charts and human behavior, but leaves out the most important part. FIRST. WITHOUT INDUSTRY, COMMUNITIES DIE. Throughout the world there are ghost towns, indeed, ghost civilizations, that withered and died when the industry dried up, or the natural resource was exhausted, and […]

Peace in the Middle East

OK. So, Peace in the Middle East. Peace is not a truce between two armed camps, but when I can trust my neighbor to protect my backyard, and my grandkids when I am not there, and vice versa. We have to get Israel and Palestine to that shared narrative. Currently, Israel has the whole diaspora […]

Capitalism in NOT inherently evil. And don’t drink the Kool-aid.

Guy in a facebook thread made the statement that: “Capitalism is inherently evil.” They didn’t cover that in econ classes I’ve had. What do you guys think? To analyze this, First I would think we should determine where the resources and energy come from, and where it flows to, and what motivates the movement, and […]

Great Things Coming!

Well, I finished my graduate program! Newly minted MS-SPACE ARCHITECTURE from the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture(SICSA) at the University of Houston School of Architecture.  Presented designs and animations to NASA last week in Washington DC for the Minimum Functionality Habitation Element BAA program.  Now, on to next project! Yee Ha!

Hello world!

Hey, we are currently revamping DemandTruth.org, so be paitient, and we’ll have a new pretty site here soon.