Economics 101

Econ 101 usually doesn’t start at the beginning. It starts with math and charts and human behavior, but leaves out the most important part. FIRST. WITHOUT INDUSTRY, COMMUNITIES DIE. Throughout the world there are ghost towns, indeed, ghost civilizations, that withered and died when the industry dried up, or the natural resource was exhausted, and […]

Capitalism in NOT inherently evil. And don’t drink the Kool-aid.

Guy in a facebook thread made the statement that: “Capitalism is inherently evil.” They didn’t cover that in econ classes I’ve had. What do you guys think? To analyze this, First I would think we should determine where the resources and energy come from, and where it flows to, and what motivates the movement, and […]

Kick Start Moon Development

Ownership of Property on the Moon Our current situation virtually prohibits anyone owning any property on the Moon, practically ensuring that no one will invest any resources into developing any of the resources or energy available on the Moon. Countries have, and possibly will continue to devote huge sums in exploring the Moon, but there […]