My Weird Theories

I introduced a friend the other day as someone who has theories almost as weird as mine. He later asked me to describe what those theories are, as he is, indeed, a curious character. I remember the episode of Monk, when he listed things he was deathly afraid of, in order. So, here are some […]

The Unreasonable Density of Wigener misunderstanding how Mathematics works

Sometimes I read some math popularization books and think, “What has that guy been smoking?” The article by Wigener about “The unreasonable effectiveness of math” about why math seems so unreasonably effective in describing and in fact, predicting how the physical universe acts is one such case. What has he been smoking? OF COURSE MATH […]

Medical Theories

Medical Theory #1. Diabetics have excess sugar in their blood. They also have problems with infections in their feet and lower legs. I assume that sugar molecules are denser than the typical blood fluids. So it seems to be reasonable that excess sugar would tend to pool in a diabetics feet and lower legs. Sitting […]

What I am Afraid of With Trump

That he will start a nuclear war That he and his minions will make abortion totally illegal That he and congress will sell out all American natural resources That he and congress will reverse all environmental protection regulations and pollution and dangerous industrial conditions will run rampant across the country. That he and congress will […]

MoonRising, Commander’s Journal, Friday Review

There is no comfort in the wonder. The wonder is we are here, have been here for now almost 10 years, and still the view outside is stark, glorious, awesome. In Buzz Aldrin’s words: “That Magnificent Desolation.” The Moon. The wonder is that we are on the Moon. Living on it, staying on it, exploring […]

MoonRising, Chapter 1

NASA had been bitten before by Hubris. Apollo 1, with Grissom, White and Chaffee had dashed cold water on that, for a generation. And again, the agency had grown complacent with the feeling that they’d had similar problems and nothing bad had happened. But Challenger was different. With Challenger, NASA tasted Original Sin, and in […]

MoonRising Novel, Prologue

All the best stories are hunting stories. The tribe sits around the fire and asks an accounting by its hunters. If it was a successful hunt, they listen while they eat, while the hunters tell of each detail, how the earth smelled, and the crows heckled, the clues they followed, the search, the hunt, the […]

White Christian Female voting for Trump? Why?

There is a blog going around that purports to be from white Christian female who will vote for Trump. She supports her decision with arguments about the issues she cares about. Voltaire once said that: Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. Let us examine the absurdities she believes that […]

“Potential Human”

It frosts me that anti-abortionists are getting away with the argument that the fetus needs to be protected because it is a “potential” human. You can argue ANY MEASURE, on the basis that there is a “potential” outcome. That is the basis of all science fiction. There is a “potential” that the situation might become […]

New Diet Challenge

Challenged a friend to lose 30 pounds, along with me, by Election Day, November 8. 103 days away. 14 weeks. First two challenges: Quit sugar, and portion control. Severely limit portions. Also, walk three times each day. I’m already walking at least once, now to up it to three times. Also, include standard swinging and […]