Developing nations is a dangerous assumption

The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 highlights several things about the climate warming debate that I have issues with. The earthquake is a bona fide disaster, with tens of thousands of people dead. Global warming is a predicted disaster, with a nebulous “many millions at risk, sometime in the future. But I haven’t figured out […]

Kick Start Moon Development

Ownership of Property on the Moon Our current situation virtually prohibits anyone owning any property on the Moon, practically ensuring that no one will invest any resources into developing any of the resources or energy available on the Moon. Countries have, and possibly will continue to devote huge sums in exploring the Moon, but there […]

Burning Qurans, Burning Flags, Building Mosques

Geez guys, grow up! Let’s visit Symbolism 101, and the rights of Citizens of the United States of America. Burning a flag, or burning a Quran harms no one or no thing. They are symbols, and not the thing itself. It doesn’t matter to God what you do with them, it doesn’t matter to freedom […]

Remedy for preventing future oil spills

A new regulatory agency won’t fix the problem. Every industry pollutes the environment and degrades the surroundings and occasionally has massive accidents. Governments are supposed to develop infrastructure and fire departments to mitigate the environmental effects, help regulate safety concerns and provide emergency assistance during the inevitable accidents. To do so, they tax the industries. […]

Guantanamo is wrong. Close it, and hold trials.

President Obama, Guantanamo prison is wrong. Close Guantanamo prison and hold open trials for those remaining prisoners. It is wrong to kidnap a person and hold them without trial. It is wrong. The worst offenses of totalitarian governments begin with kidnapping people and holding them on hearsay evidence without trials. Our outrage at corrupt governments […]

The Universe Changes, but why are you expecting me to pay for it?

First of all, Global change is with us. My mom had three other children after I was born and the family dynamics kept changing. There has never been a time when global climate has been stable . Throughout history civilizations have been faced with climate change, political change, societal change. Now, we are being asked […]

Abortion protesters motivated by church sponsored, church sanctioned porn

Abortion protesters are motivated by church sponsored, church sanctioned sado-porn. They can’t think about sex, because that is a sin, so they can’t think about penises and vaginas directly. But they CAN think about the womb, the unborn fetuses, and what they imagine are the mutilations and pain that a fetus undergoes during an abortion. […]

Blame it on the media

I am beginning to blame the major media outlets for the confused situations in both Health Care reform, and the Global Warming issue. And particularly, I’m blaming NPR and The Christian Science Monitor. We all understand that most other media outlets are publicity whores, and shills for corporations that benefit from continued turmoil and misunderstandings, […]

Why we can’t trust the US government about food.

Michael Pollan, in his 2007 article in the NY Times, “Unhappy Meals”, explains how and when the US government was subverted into giving us bad advice about food: …”a little-noticed political dust-up in Washington in 1977 seems to have helped propel American food culture down this dimly lighted path. Responding to an alarming increase […]

UN IPCC admitting more errors. Funding motivations.

The agency and researcher that is the source for IPCC statement that Himalayan glaciers would all melt, used that faulty research to get research grants. The Sunday London Times reports: From The Sunday Times January 24, 2010 UN climate panel blunders again over Himalayan glaciers The Himalayan glaciers (AP Photo/Channi Anand) Claims of melting Himalayan […]